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Driving Tours


Maverick Region Tours are gatherings of PCA members and guests who meet up at a defined starting location and drive together, along an interesting route, to enjoy a unique place or destination. Tours generally last about three hours and run around 60-100 miles in length. Come join the fun and see this rolling car show!

This season we have five tours spaced throughout the year. All of the tours are "near to home", and provide members with a beautiful scenic drive to a fun destination!


Maverick Toy Parade 


When:   Saturday December 4th, 2021


Start:  Walmart 1700 Dallas Parkway Plano, Texas 

Finish: Plano Police 909 14th st. Plano, Texas 


Items we're looking for:

  • Baby Diapers (all sizes)

  • New Coats/Jackets (all sizes)

Note: the 5 Rotary Clubs in Plano do a joint coat drive for us and we do get a lot of coats donated but we don’t always get enough for the teenage boys (size Large to XXL)

  • Batteries (all sizes—it is not fun to receive a toy to play without the batteries so we try to include batteries with every item that needs them)

  • Teenage Boy/Girl Items (we NEVER get enough items for the 12-17 age range – typically no one knows what they want or they are just more expensive so this age group is often neglected)   Possible ideas: wallets, cosmetics, costume jewelry, music, accessories, perfume/cologne, purses, CD or MP3 Players, etc.

  • Baby Formula (powdered)

  • Educational Toys and Games (English is not the native language of many of the families we serve.)

  • Educational Books & DVDs

  • Portable Game Systems and Games

  • Baby Blankets and Infant Toys

  • Backpacks and School Supplies

  • Bicycles (preferably for teens) and Tricycles

  • Non Perishable Food Items

  • Gift Cards: Books, Movie Theaters, Videos, Clothing, iTunes, Music CDs, Movie Rentals, Video Games


Also, just for your information, we DO NOT give out clothes or shoes because trying to match the sizes, gender and style of these items is much too time consuming. Further, the items cost too much for us to give them away if we did not match them perfectly. The only exception is for coats and warm clothing for infants.  If we receive clothes of any kind (new or used), we donate those to a local charity who does donate clothing.

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Sam Bryant & Ted Martin 
Tours Co-Chairs, Maverick Region