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Thanks to Jerry DeFeo for creating this friendly competition and putting all the hard work and dedication into administering it.
Also, thanks to our sponsor for being so generous and for making it interesting.
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  • 1 Point awarded for each correct answer.

  • 1 entry per member.

  • Drawing to break a tie.

If you have any questions, contact Jerry DeFeo at

Below are this month's questions: You must submit your answers by November 30, 2021.

November 2021 Trivia
1. Porsche Wheel Bearings are often totally overlooked and just forgotten about since it seems they rarely give problems. Which of the following conditions usually does NOT happen with a Failing Wheel Bearing?
2. Porsche now uses Sealed Wheel Bearings that do NOT have to be Serviced and Repacked every so often. When did Porsche start to use Sealed Bearings?
3. Porsche has a New Bell & Whistle, it is called ___________ and it Choreographs your Porsche Driving Style in AI Electronic Created Music!
4. Porsche EV owners are learning there are 3 charging plugs. The home charger using the 110V outlet charges in 12 hours. Level 2 AC needs 3 Phase Electric power charges in 4-5 hours. For fast charging you can use a level 3 DC at public charging stations for a nominal fee. It will charge in _____ minutes.
5. It is commonly known that Porsche Bodies are made from Steel, Aluminum, Carbon-fiber, or a combination of similar Materials, and Corvettes from Fiberglass starting in 1953. Porsche did use for the First time Fiberglass so as to save Weight on their ___________ !

Thanks for playing!