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The Maverick Region’s newly formed “Meet The Driver” series was created to allow race fans the opportunity to hear live on and off track experiences from professional and amateur drivers. Learn how these drivers evolved to be top racers, their victories, cars they’ve driven, most challenging and favorite circuits plus so much more!

To date, we’ve had the honor of hosting Professional IMSA racers Don Yount and Bill Smith, along with Porsche Club racers David Hodges, Seth Higgins, Bill Smith and Daniel Shofner. Each session was unique whereby attendees experienced; video race footage with data telemetry, a personal showcase of some rare and priceless sport cars, testing their driving skills on a state of the art racing simulator, driving their own Porsche on parade laps around Eagles Canyon Raceway, etc…. all with great camaraderie, appetizers and adult beverages.


Be on the lookout and sign up for more exciting “Meet The Driver” sessions  throughout the year. 


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Mike O'Hare
Motorsport Journalist


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