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maverick history


The following was originally written for the 30th anniversary of MR and has been updated through 2015.

PCA-MR was "born" in November 1962 at the Fiesta Best Western Motel in Arlington. The official charter from the national offices of PCA was issued on December 24, 1962. There were 15 charter members of PCA-MR. Most have gone, but Manson Mathis and John Starnes, are still around. They live to the South, but keep in touch. And Jeff Horsfall is living in Desoto, but he changed his last name to Hamilton. 

charter members

Jim & Marge Ables

Jeff & Alverne Horsfall

Manson & Suellen Mathis

Bob Barnet

Doyle Bush

Buzz Rowell

Bob Middleton

Don Muncy

Stan & Jan Simm

John & Sue Starnes

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