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The Maverick Region host a variety of events throughout the year at various locations around DFW. Everything from Autocross to Happy Hours, Driving Tours, and much more. If you have an idea for a new event or location, send an email to the club President.




What is an Autocross? It is a timed automobile competition, where one car at a time drives a course defined by pylons and/or painted lines on a paved surface. Penalties are assessed for hitting the pylons or crossing the painted lines. Historically, an autocross requires the ability to look at a driving course (you get to walk the course prior to driving it) and to anticipate what must be done to drive.

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Club Racing


PCA Club Racing is an organized race series for members who want to take high-performance driving to the next level and compete behind the wheel.

PCA Club Racing has its own website at and its own magazine, Club Racing News, where you can find out more detailed information.

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A Concours d'Elegance is an event during which owners of restored and highly maintained cars compete to see which is closest to its 'as delivered' condition. In simple terms, it's a car show. During a Maverick Region concours, owners and spectators alike will enjoy viewing a wide variety of well-prepared Porsche cars. This is your not-to-be missed Maverick event!


Driving Tours


Maverick Region Tours are gatherings of PCA members and guests who meet up at a defined starting location and drive together, along an interesting route, to enjoy a unique place or destination. Tours generally last about three hours and run around 60-100 miles in length. Come join the fun and see this rolling car show!



Beware, this adventure can become highly addictive! Porsche Club of America welcomes all make and model of cars to our HPDE Track Days events. These events are opportunities for you to drive your car in a safe, controlled environment in a track setting and acquire skills that will enhance your vehicle operation in all driving situations. These are NOT racing events.


Mavs & Mochas

Mavs & Mochas is our Cars and Coffee event just for Porsche owners. Each month we feature a different Porsche model or host a car show just to make each event unique. They typically take place on the 2nd Saturday of each month and they are hosted at various locations throughout DFW. You do not need to be a PCA member to attend.


Motoring Mavs at Mayo

Motoring Mavs at Mayo, sponsored by Mayo Performance. This event will be held every third Saturday of the month, and starting time will be 9:11 am at Mayo Performance in Euless.


As Ed Mayo says, "we see this event focused around shop talk." If you have been disappointed in not being able to attend Mavs & Mochas, you now have another option to get your coffee fix and enjoy even more great Porsches.

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Off Road Adventure

The genesis of the Porsche Club or America s Off Road Experience is based on the traditional multi-event weekend providing for a gathering of Porsche enthusiasts to socialize and enjoy their vehicles. The goal of these events is to provide a relaxed, slow paced, non-competitive atmosphere for participants to enjoy the great outdoors and learn off road driving techniques within the capabilities of their vehicle.


Tech Sessions

Tech Sessions are devoted to presenting Porsche technical information. These are usually hosted by local shops.




Monthly Porsche Trivia Questions where the winner has a chance to win a $25 gift card to Zim's Autotechnik




The objective of a rally is to follow a course from point to point, usually on public roads, to the precise detail specified in the rules - it can be competitive or for fun. Competitive rallies dictate a certain time schedule for the checkpoints along the way. Points are deducted by arriving at the checkpoint either early or late. Fun rallies may include a gimmick (poker rally, regional interest). Part of the challenge with a fun rally is to discover the intended route, which may require other skills such as solving a puzzle or looking for obscure reference points.

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