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off road adventures


PCA defines “off-road” as “The portion of any driving tour that takes place on unpaved surfaces that may not be defined by a named road. Unpaved named or numbered Forest Service or other federal/state/provincially-managed roads are also considered off-road.”


This is what Maverick Region’s Off-Road Adventures aim for: fun driving tours that take you to interesting destinations by way of unpaved roads in your Cayenne, Macan, or even Panamera. These tours work the same way Maverick Region’s road tours work – just off-road.


We don’t try to climb rocks or plow through mud pits – we just take roads that you might not have thought your 4-door Porsche was capable of. And because it’s a 4-door Porsche, you can bring the kids!


We plan to repeat 2021’s Unpaved Tour to Fredericksburg again in 2022, and we are looking for other unpaved routes in North Texas as well. For more information, contact us at


mav logo.png

Carey Spreen

Off Road Chair


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