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off road adventures


The genesis of the Porsche Club or America s Off Road Experience is based on the traditional multi-event weekend providing for a gathering of Porsche enthusiasts to socialize and enjoy their vehicles. The goal of these events is to provide a relaxed, slow paced, non-competitive atmosphere for participants to enjoy the great outdoors and learn off road driving techniques within the capabilities of their vehicle.

The Porsche Club of America subscribes to the off highway principles of the Tread Lightly organization. In spirit and in practice the objective of the Off Road Experience is to enjoy the back country byways and roads while having minimal impact on the surroundings. This includes many environmental considerations (utilizing only marked trails or roads and minimum noise projection). Loud stereos or other behavior which affects other user's enjoyment of the back country environment is inconsistent with the objectives of the event and this program.

To obtain e-mail notifications of the Off-Road Adventures, please contact the Off Road char below.


We are currently surveying members to see what types of events they would like to do.






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Carey Spreen

Off Road Chair